Turbo Urban, #hotelfriends + BRAUSE NdM2019

Nacht der Museen is a yearly happening in Dizzledorf where everyone who has to show art does it – and you can visit everything for just 14 Euros, a bargain! yay. No, wait. You have only one evening to do so, no chance to see all that great stuff, therefore you should plan your trip wisely…

I decided to check out stuff which count to me, the turbo urban artist collective for example, which has many artist i adore <3 they showed out at the lovely #hotelfriends where i also met Yuta Maruyama, a highly talented magician from düsseldorf with astonishing tricks and super-fast fingaz! And, by the way, it’s a super-nice guy 🙂

I also met Ziny, Tobi from SWCTV and my homie Johannes from the famous MaJo Brothers 🙂 and bought gambled 2 pieces from wicked waldi, a IMO quite talented guy (i love that style).

After that i swong my hooves over to Die Brause where world famous artist Oliver Räke aka magic showed some of his prints, a hommage to this place which will unfortunatly close, the place vanished, in near future :..-(